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Preliminary study on some productive and reproductive traits of Saanen goats
under Sudan conditions

Tag Eldin sabil1, Muha Musa1, Ali A. hassabo1 and Mohamed O. Eisa2
¹ School of Animal Production, Faculty of Agricultural Technology and Fish Science, University of Al Neelain,Khartoum, Sudan; ² Department of Animal Production, Faculty of Agriculture, Omdurman Islamic University
Postal Code: 14415, Omdurman, Sudan

The research aimed to investigate the difference in performance of pure Saanen goats reared in Sudan and Swissthe origin of the animal considering birth weight, twining, puberty, mating age, gestation period, motility rate, milk production and quality. 200 does from Goat Research Centre (GRC) at Khartoum were used for the study for three consecutive years (2008-2010). The results show that hot climate (Sudan) delayed the reproductive parameters of the goat and increased the mortality rate. On the other hand milk production decreased but no change in the quality was observed. The research concluded that keeping pure Saanen in Sudan is not beneficial and it is recommended to cross the animal with local breeds. Moreover, improve the environment for better performance and welfare of the


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