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Growth of fodder crop (Sorghum bicolor L.) as animal feed

Abdel Rahman M. Nour¹, Ali A. Hassabo¹ and Mohamed O.Eisa²
¹School of Animal Production, Faculty of Agricultural Technology and Fish Science, University of Al Neelain,
Khartoum, Sudan; ²Department of Animal Production, Faculty of Agriculture, Omdurman Islamic University, Postal Code: 14415, Omdurman, Sudan

An experiment was conducted at experimental farm of Faculty of Agriculture (U of K) in 2007 July to October
to study the effect of three different Khartoum State soil obtained from river Nile (G), shambat area (SH) and El-
Fetehab area (F) on the growth of sorghum (Abu-sabeen). The experiment was done in plastic pots in glass house.
Complete randomized block deign (CRD) were used. Plant height was recorded throughout the plant growth which
showed significant difference. G Soil gave higher range followed by SH and F respectively.


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