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 Effect of supplemental concentrate feeding Frequency on Groundnut Haulms’ Intake,

Digestibility and Rumen Fermentation in Sheep


A total of 12 male sheep with an average BW of 19±2 kg were used in this experiment to assess the effects of frequency of supplementary concentrate on digestion, rumen fermentation and voluntary feed intake of groundnut haulms. The supplementary concentrate (100 g/day) was offered once (1×), divided into two equal portion offered twice (2×) or divided into three equal portion offered three times daily (3×). The dry matter intake (DMI), digestible dry matter intake and crude protein intake (CPI) of groundnut haulms showed no significant difference if concentrated supplement were offered once (1×), twice (2×) or three times (3×) a day. The digestibility values for DM, CP and NDF were not responding to the feeding frequencies of concentrated supplement. The total nitrogen intake, urinary nitrogen and nitrogen retention were similar among the frequencies, however, fecal nitrogen was significantly (P< 0.05) different when the concentrated supplement
offered 1× than 2× or 3× a day. The ruminal NH3-N was significantly (P<0.05) higher when the concentrated supplement offered 1× than 2× or 3× a day. As a conclusion, sheep maintained on groundnut haulms (10.3% CP) were not responding to a concentrated supplement if offered once (1×), twice (2×) or three times (3×) a day due to a sufficient amount of crude protein in the basal diet.

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