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Modincation of microclimate for better groWth and deVelopment
of summer tomato crop
Asma A. M. Makeen1 , Habiballa A. Mohamed1 and Sadig K.
1Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University OfGezira, Wad Medani,
2Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Khartoum, Sudan

Tomato Cultivars groWn in^Sudan are affected by the hot dry summer climate and are highly susceptible to Tomato Yellow Leaf
Curl Virus disease (TYLCV) Modification of the microclimate may decrease the effects of the hot dry conditions and improVe deVelopment
and yield of summer tomatoes The present study Was conducted during the summer of and WO at the Gezira University Farm1
VZad Medani, Sudan, to Jnvestigate the effects of tWo types of shelterbelts (Abusabeen and pigean pea) and tWo irrigation Jntervals
p and l days^on groWth and deVelopment of Five tomato Cultivars (Omdurman, Gezira 96, Summerset 98, Strain B and Peto Kb). The
results Showed that the short irrigation interVal Was effectiVe in reducing the air temperature compared to Iong irrigation interVal,
Abusabeen shelter coupled With the short irrigation interVal Was effectiVe in improVing the microclimate, and that the pigeon pea
shelter Was effectiVe in Conserving soil moisture content under the tWo irrigation intcrVals. Tomato Cuitivars Omdurman, Gezira 96 and
Summer?:-: 98 had more Vigorous groWth, larger canopies and Iow percentage of Aower shedding per plant Within the tWo types of
shelters undcr the shorter irrigation Interval compared to both Iong irrigation interVal and the controi.

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