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Effect of different tillage treatments on infiltration characteristics of the
Salah Abdel Rahman Salih1 and Mohamed Abdel Mahmoud

Abstract: This study was conducted during 2009 and 2010 summer seasons at the Demonstration Farm of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology and Fish Science, University of Neelain (Jebal Awlia area) south of Khartoum to determine the effect of different tillage treatments on infiltration characteristics of the soil. Four tillage treatments namely, disc plough, disc plough followed by disc harrow, double ridging and chisel plough and zero tillage as a control. The variables compared were
the infiltration rate in the first five minutes of elapse time, the basic infiltration rate and accumulation infiltration.The results showed that all tillage treatments gave higher infiltration rate, accumulated infiltration and basic infiltration rate values than zero tillage (control). Chisel plow treatment gave a highly significant values (P +0.01) than the other four tillage treatments during the two seasons except that, no significant difference between chisel plow and disc plow during 2010 season.


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