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حفظ الغذاء بخفض درجة الحرارة

يتضمن حفظ المواد القابلة للتلف إستخدام درجة الحرارة المنخفضة لمنع تاخير نشاط عوامل الفساد يعطي ذلك وسيلة عملية لحفظ المواد القابلة للتلف في حالتها الطازجه لفترة مختلفة فحينما يكون المطلوب حفظ المنتج في حالتها الطازجة لفترات مختلفة فحينما يكون المطلوب حفظ المنتج في حالته الاصلية

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Benchmarking Crop water Index for the Queensland Sugar Industry


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Appendix: II.  Example of thorough utilizations of cane sugar by-products (Source J. M Patura 1988 Mauritius) 


Source J. M Patura 1988 Mauritius

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Determination of some physiological parameters in Awassi Ewes in response to Vit.E and Selenium (Se) injections


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 The role of Jatropha Curcas in support of the

Thai Government’s National Policy for Bio Diesel 


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Role of Bio-Fuels in the Indian Transport Sector

Regional Workshop

Climate Change Mitigation in the Transport Sector

  Aditi Dass

Winrock International India

ADB, May 24-25, 2006


Winrock International India (WII)
An independent, not for profit organization established in 1998
Pursuing activities related to energy, environment, natural resource management and sustainable development
Staffed by 60 professionals drawn from diverse disciplines
Affiliated to Winrock International, US
Ministries and Departments of Central and State Governments
Bilateral and Multilateral Agencies
Corporate Sector


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 Ethanol Production

1. Introduction:
The sugar production as well as world sugar price is subject to continuous and substantial fluctuation. To stabilize economy of sugar producing estate, alternative supportive industries and new source of revenues should be found.
One of the alternatives is utilization of the sugar by-products, which will increase the turn over by 30%. Therefore it’s a necessity to consider optimal utilization of by products as an alternative to mask changes in returns from sugar industry.
The possible alternative is transformation of molasses to ethanol; recently a distillery will be attached to the factory as one of the urgent solution to mask changes in sugar production cost.

2. Ethanol Production (Industry Statistics):
The report on world ethanol, from Renewable Fuel Association (2007) can be summarized as flows:
· Historic U.S. Fuel Ethanol Production
Historically fuel ethanol production in U.S. increases from 175 million gallons (MG) in the year 1980 to 4855 MG in 2006.
· Ethanol Industry Overview
In the U.S. the total ethanol plants increase from 50 in the year 1999 to 110 in 2006 and recently (2007), it reaches 130, with increasing capacity from 1701.7 MG since 1999 to 5493.4 MG and recently it’s 6883.4 MG.
· The World Ethanol Production
The world ethanol production increases from 1077 MG in the year 2002 to 13489 MG in 2006, with Brazil And U.S as the main producers as per summary below:

اِقرأ المزيد: Ethanol Production

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