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A Comparative Study between Furrow, Furrow Basin and Border
Methods of Irrigation
Salah Abdel Rahman Salih1 and Abdel Moneim Elamin Mohamed2

Abstract:-The research work was conducted during two winter seasons of 1990/91 and 91/92 at the University of Khartoum Top Farm to determine the most
superior surface method of irrigation for irrigating hybrid maize. The methods studied were, the border, the furrow and the furrow-basin. The variables
compared were water applied, irrigation efficiencies and maize yield components.The results indicated that in the furrow-basin method less irrigation water was
applied and higher maize yield components were obtained compared to the furrow and border methods. With the exception of distribution efficiency, the furrowbasin method gave higher irrigation efficiencies compared to the other two methods. The results also showed no significant difference between the furrow
and the border methods with respect to irrigation efficiencies and maize yield components except that the border gave better distribution efficiencies than the
furrow method.

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